TURNTABLE (October, 2018)

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Turntable is a short film that focuses on the effects of deception in dating. An innocent night turns into one they won't forget.

Director: Jake Noecker

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Assistant Director/Producer: Samantha Tan

Kakuri (June, 2018)

Kakuri revolves around a man struggling with the loss of his lover, trying to hold onto his memory of her without losing himself.

Director: Kaila Shields

Assistant Producer/Assistant Director: Samantha Tan

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My Body Keeps Score (Post-Production)

My Body Keeps Score is a drama-comedy about a standup comedian who has her career derailed by her boss.

Director: Fiona Tagliente

Line Producer: Samantha Tan



The documentary, Expanding Sanctuary, follows the historic campaign to end the sharing of police database information with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) led by the Latinx immigrant community and Juntos, a Latinx immigrant rights nonprofit, in South Philadelphia.

Director: Kristal Sotomayor

Assistant Producer: Samantha Tan

We were featured on 4abc News. Click on the photo to the right for the link.

Instagram: @expandingsanctuary  Facebook: Expanding Sanctuary

Instagram: @expandingsanctuary

Facebook: Expanding Sanctuary


Foreign Waters (Post-Production)

An immigrant woman has to figure out whether she wants to continue to stay and work in a country that doesn’t want her.

Director: Sophia You

Producer: Samantha Tan