TURNTABLE (October, 2018)

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Turntable is a short film that focuses on the effects of deception in dating. An innocent night turns into one they won't forget.

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Director: Jake Noecker

Assistant Director/Producer: Samantha Tan

Kakuri (June, 2018)

“Kakuri” revolves around a man struggling with the loss of his lover, trying to hold onto his memory of her without losing himself.

Director: Kaila Shields

Assistant Producer/Assistant Director: Samantha Tan

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My Body Keeps Score (Post-Production)

My Body Keeps Score is a drama-comedy about a standup comedian who has her career derailed by her boss.

Director: Fiona Tagliente

Line Producer: Samantha Tan


Foreign Waters (Post-Production)

An immigrant woman has to figure out whether she wants to continue to stay and work in a country that doesn’t want her.

Director: Sophia You

Producer: Samantha Tan