My Mission

Media and entertainment is a powerful tool that can be used positively or negatively. My goal is to create a working environment on and off set where everyone can learn from and teach each other. I want to build a setting where everyone feels welcomed no matter what their skills and capabilities are. As an Asian American filmmaker and producer, I would like to see more representation and to create an opportunity for different groups to have a voice in the film industry. I am interested in producing films which focus on strong family bonds and the authenticity of multi-cultural groups, as well as challenging stereotypes and ideals that the society formed for minorities.

I am ready to further advance my knowledge and skills while working in the industry. My goal is to not only represent minorities, specifically Asian Americans, but I would also like to expand my understanding on legal documents, budgeting and marketing for a film. As I focus on my strengths and weaknesses, I strongly believe that I will be able to apply these skills I learned on all of my projects, treating each project as if they were my own.